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This site was conceived with a very particular aim: to make the writing of modern Native American authors, particularly the poets, both more visible and more widely available. The site now contains information on Native American poets and novelists. Toward that end, the sites residing on this server have been made with the collaboration of the authors. The authors see the sites before they are made public, edit these pages, contribute additional material, and select, or at least help to select, their work which is made available to be read online. They are able to control their own image to a greater degree than they are able to in book cover and other advertising material, even better than they are sometimes able to in published interviews. They also maintain the copyright to all of their own material.

Since very few bookstores maintain any sizable stock of books written by more than a handful of these authors, we are also offering a direct link to the Amazon.com bookstore, where these books may be ordered and, in most cases, be rapidly delivered directly to the reader. This arrangement offers advantages to both the reader and the author. The reader will have easy access to the books where the work of these authors can be found. The author can get a referer's fee if the purchases are made after a link directly from the author's site, even for books where they are not listed as the author, such as anthologies, textbooks and interview books. Purchasing from this site will therefore give a greater return to the authors. You may move back and forth between this site and the Amazon.com bookstore until you have completed your order; then continue on into the Amazon site to make arrangements for payment and delivery.

There are a few sites other than those residing here which appear in the index. The majority of these sites are authored by the writers themselves and reside on either college or commercial servers. A few of the sites added to the index are "unofficial," that is, they were constructed by admirers of the authors, not by the authors themselves. These sites are added only if they are a source of substantial information.

Another question arises as to other sites that might be linked to this site. Many books from early in this century are now out of copyright. Full text versions of some of these books are becoming available electronically. A separate page of links to these works will be provided. Traditional storytellers present another aspect of Native American storytelling. They lie outside the original conception of this site. In fact, because of the strong reliance on aspects of oral storytelling, traditional stories may lose much of their meaning when written and separated from the interaction of the storyteller and the audience. These stories are therefore difficult to convey in this medium. Nonetheless they are of great interest. We will maintain a small list of links to sites where this material may be found.

Another set of related sites to which we will provide links are those to tributes to Native American writers, writer's organizations, and bookstores which specialize in books by Native American authors.


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