The Cohen-Kuhi DL Ori Group: Overview

You may also see any of these images by clicking on the individual images. The "postage stamps" are arranged in a 3 × 3 matrix in order of wavelength: x-ray, blue, visual, red, near infrared pseudocolor, 12µm, 60µm, mm radio maps, and VLA cm radio maps. If a region is blank, then we offer no image at that wavelength, either because we have none or, in some cases, because there is no additional information in that image. After selecting an images, others of the matrix may be selected from a "clickable" colorbar beneath the image.

The Cohen-Kuhi Group

This group of stars is a small star forming aggregate in the southern part of the L1641 molecular cloud. It was initially studied by Cohen and Kuhi in 1979 in their monumental study of the then known pre-main-sequence stars in the local neighborhood. It has since been studied by Strom, Strom and Merrill in their infrared imaging study of L1641. Further work on this group is being done by Lori Allen in her Ph.D. thesis.

If you wish more information about these images, a page is available for your perusal.


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