CO Map with Near IR Images

Below is a 12CO map of the L1641 molecular cloud (Bally et al. 1987). Marked on this map are the approximate locations of regions for which near infrared color images have been constructed from observations with imaging detectors at:

The basic paper which discusses the infrared mapping of this cloud is Strom, Strom and Merrill (1993). Other references are supplied on the pages for each region.

Simply select the position for which you would like to see the visual, near infrared and radio wavelength images by using your mouse.

CO map of the L1641 Dark Cloud in Orion

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Bally et al. 1987, ApJ, 312, L45.

Strom, K.M., Strom, S.E. & Merrill, K.M. 1993, ApJ, 412, 233.

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