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General Resources

Aboriginal Music from Australia 
Artist Profiles by j. poet , reprinted from Indian Artist Magazine
Encyclopedia of Native Music 
FolkLib Index - Native Artists 
Wisconsin Native American discography
Native American Music  from The Infography
Native American Music Awards 
The Power of Kiowa Song: A Collaborative Ethnography , from the Univ. Arizona Press, with song samples.
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Individual Artists and Bands

Big City Indians  
Susan Aglukark Inuit 
Canadian Music Encyclopedia
Donald Ahdunko Delaware/Caddo 
Anakwad (Frank Montano) Ojibwe , from the FolkLib Index
Asani Cree/Metis , The Aboriginal Woman's Vocal Ensemble
The Atoll  
Atsa' Butte Singers Navajo 
Richard Audd Muscogee 
Jeff Ball  
Louis Ballard Cherokee/Quapaw 
Big City Indians  
Arvel Bird Shivwit Paiute 
Videos on youtube.com
Black Eagle Singers Jemez Pueblo 
Blackfire Navajo 
Douglas Blue Feather Cherokee 
Jim Boyd Band Colville 
Trevino L. Brings Plenty Lakota 
Broken Walls  
Burning Sky  
Cannes Brulees Houma/Cherokee/Choctaw 
Casper Lomayesva Hopi 
Don Chapman Group Mohegan Tribe 
Clarence Clearwater Navajo 
Rita Coolidge Cherokee 
Dave Copenhaver & Phillip "Yogie" Bread Kiowa , Thón-gya!
Corn Bred Onondaga Nation 
Coyote Zen  
Vincent Craig Navajo 
Dakota Tamakoce Singers Dakota Lakota 
Brent Michael Davids Mohican 
His film scores
A fan page
Troy De Roche Blackfeet 
December Wind Akwesasne Mohawk 
Diga Dogrib 
Digging Roots Anishinabe 
Willie Dunn  
Eagle and Hawk  
Eagle Warrior Lenape  iTunes tracks available
Eagle’s Jump Navajo 
Indigie Femme Navajo & Maori 
Wade Fernandez Menominee 
The Fire This Time  
Joseph Flying Bye Lakota 
Jack Gladstone Blackfeet 
Golana Cherokee 
Alice Gomez Mexican 
Jeremy Goodfeather Mohawk/Mexicana 
David Lynn Grimes Eyak Nation 
William Gutierrez Southern Ute/Diné 
Rose Red Elk Hardman Lakota/Assiniboine 
Joy Harjo  Muscogee 
The Poetic Justice site at Silverwave Records
The Hawk Project Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) 
Dennis Hawk Cherokee 
FolkLib Index for Dennis Hawk
Joan Henry Tsalagi/Nde (Cherokee/Apache) , Earthsinger
Indian in the Machine Sturgeon Lake First Nation 
Indigenous Lakota 
Janice-Marie Stockbridge-Munsee-Mohican 
Georgie Jessup Lakota 
C. Scully Jimsonweed Kumeyyaa 
Swil Kanim Coast Salish/Lummi 
Alex Kash Tlingit 
Kashtin Innu  from the Canadian Music Encyclopaedia
Jani Lauzon Métis 
Wayne Lavallee Cree/Métis 
Lil Dre Navajo 
David Little Elk Lakota 
Charles Littleleaf Warm Springs 
Kevin Locke Lakota 
Willie French Lowery Lumbee 
Anthony Maloney Navajo 
Tom Mauchahty-Ware Kiowa 
Barbara McAlister Cherokee 
Russell Means Lakota 
Medícíne Dream Mi'kmaq Athabascan Apache Aleut Choctaw Inupiaq Navajo Yaqui  
Bill Miller Official Site Mohican 
Altered-Native: Bill Miller Online
FolkLib Index for Bill Miller
Robert Mirabal Taos Pueblo 
Videos on Youtube.com
Robert Mirabal, from Silverwave Records
Shelley Morningsong Northern Cheyenne 
Mwalim Wampanoag 
Nagoetj Métis 
R. Carlos Nakai Navajo-Ute 
From FolkLib
Native Roots Sisseton-Wahpeton Dakota, Isleta Pueblo, Diné, Santa Ana Pueblo 
Native Thunder Cherokee 
Star Nayea  
NDN Muskogee Creek 
Otter Trail Singers Southern Drum 
Robert "Freight Train" Parker  
Jim Pepper Muscogee/Kaw 
John-Carlos Perea Mescalero Apache 
Porcupine Singers Oglala-Lakota 
Qua' Ti' Si' Métis Cree 
George Quincy Choctaw 
Red Raven Blue Seneca Onondaga 
Red Feather Woman Sioux/Assiniboine 
Martha Redbone  
ReddNation Cree 
Vince Redhouse Navajo 
Larry  Navajo 
Carlos Reynosa Aztec Yaqui Cherokee 
Robbie Robertson: Contact from the Underworld of Red Boy Mohawk 
Robbie Robertson and The Band
From the Canadian Music Encyclopaedia
Ronald Roybal Tewa 
Buffy Sainte-Marie Cree 
Folk Songs, Digital Art, and Indian Empowerment By Howard Rheingold
Stevie Salas Apache 
Sayani Cherokee 
Keith Secola and the Wild Band of Indians Ojibwe 
Knifewing Segura Chiricahua Apache 
Joanne Shenandoah Oneida 
From Silverwave Records
Silvercloud Singers  
Gary Small Band Northern Cheyenne 
Calvin Standing Bear Lakota 
Arigon Starr Ojibwe 
Arigon's MySpace site
Ward Stroud Yaqui 
Taima Inuk 
Jerod Impichchaachaaha' Tate Chickasaw 
Tchin Narragansett 
Shannon Thunderbird  Tsimshian 
Thunderhand Joe & the Medicine Show Mescalero Apache 
Tiger Tiger Miccosukee 
John Trudell Santee Sioux 
Tsa'ne Do'se  
Delphine Tsinajinnie Navajo 
John Two-Hawks Lakota 
Voice of the Golden Eagle Cherokee 
Videos on youtube.com
Walela Cherokee 
Adrian Wall Jemez Pueblo  
War Party  
The Westwind Band Isleta Pueblo 
White Fire Reed Ojibwe 
White Eagle Singers multi-tribal 
Whitefish Bay Singers Ojibwe 
Jim Windwalker Cherokee 
Yarina Inca 
Shane Yellowbird Cree 
Mary Youngblood Aleut Seminole 
from Silverwave Records
Xavier Quijas Yxayotl Huichol 

Music Sources

Apple iTunes 
Arbor Records 
Canyon Records 
Center Records , Lakota ceremonial songs and teachings
Cool Runnings Music 
Earthsong Online 
High Star Productions 
Indian House , specializing in traditional American Indian music.
Inukshuk Productions Inc. 
LazyCats Records 
Makoche Records 
Native Radio 
Oyate Ta Olowan 
Powwow Radio 
Rainbow Walker Productions 
Red Nation Records  and Red Nation Celebration
Rhythms of the Globe 
Rock-A-Bye Records 
SilverWave Records 
Singing Wolf Records 
Smithsonian Folkways recordings 
Sound Of America Records  (SOAR) [Can't connect 7/16/12]
Sunshine Records 
Sweet Grass Records 
Thunderwolf Records 
Wakinyan Records 
Zango Music 

Music Organizations

International Native American Flute Association 
Rising Sun Productions 
Painted Sky Native American Music Festival 
First Nations Composers Initiative 

Music Reviews and Articles

Artist Profiles by j. poet , reprinted from Indian Artist Magazine
Diné Underground 

Musical Instruments

Ancient Vision Flutes 
Big East Native Drums 
Cedar Spirit Native American Flutes 
Eagle Song Flutes 
Echoes Past 
Following Generations Music 
Fretwell Flutes 
iDIDJ Australia: Australian Didgeridoo Cultural Hub 
Longbow Guitars 
Oregon Flute Store 
Song Stick Native American Flutes & Music 
Whirlwind Studios 
White Crow Flutes 
Wild Wind Creations 
Wind's Song Flutes 

Our Book Recommendation
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Encyclopedia Of Native Music: More Than A Century Of Recordings From Wax Cylinder To The Internet,
by Brian Wright-McLeod
Univ. Arizona Pr.

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Frequently Asked Questions for this site
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