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e.b. Navajo
DBenallie Navajo
Carmen Benallie Navajo
Catch a Falling Star Kiowa
Cherokee Mud Cherokee
chimEra / saaniidotcom Navajo
Creation Nation Ojibwe
dj Abel Navajo
A Girl Named Turquoise Lakota
Native Joy (Harjo) Muscogee
Eric Keast Ojibway
Jacqueline Keeler Navajo/SIoux
Denise Low 
Miss Frybread Shoshone-Bannock Cheyenne, Seminole
Larry Mitchell Potawatom
Larry Mitchell Potawatomi
Native Unity 
Navajo Boy's Journal  Navajo
Perplexed Navajo
RezBlog Okanagan
J. Spencer Rowe Ojibwe
Silver Shandiin Salazar Navajo
Those Sweet Words Navajo/korean
David Treuer Ojibwe
Kade L. Twist Cherokee
Steven Navajo


Mack Nez Johnson Shoshone / Navajo 
Danny Ammom Hupa 
Ross Anderson Cheyenne-Arapaho Mescalero Apache 
Clayton Arrowtopknot Blackfeet 
Shannon Avery Anishinabe 
Bear Boedecker Northern Ute 
Chris Black Crow Bousquet  
Martin Broken Leg Rosebud Sioux 
Vicky Brown Klamath Cherokee Lumbee 
ChingQueAh Miama 
Joe Don Chipps Oglala Lakota 
Evans Craig Navajo 
Paul Dearhouse Mohawk & Ojibwe 
Wendell Deer With Horns Lakota Sioux 
Jordan S. Dill Cherokee (Tsalagi) 
Damon N. Dunbar Southern Cheyenne 
Rose Edwards Keweenaw Bay Ojibwa 
Albert Lee Ferris Turtle Mountain Chippewa 
Hunter Gray (John Randall Salter, Jr.) Micmac/St. Francis Abenaki/St. Regis Mohawk 
Alan Hamann Chippewa 
Mark Ellsworth Hickman Ute 
Bradley N. Jimerson Seneca 
Hershman John Navajo 
Phil Konstantin Cherokee  This Week in American Indian History page.
Erike Michael Lehtine Taino 
Mike MacDonald Mi'kmaw 
Winner of the 2000 Aboriginal Achievement Award for New Media
Janet McCloud Tulalip 
Russell Means Lakota Sioux 
Jack Mills Choctaw 
Lisa Mitten Mohawk  of the American Indian Library Association
Alex Montana Comanche 
Marijo Moore Eastern Cherokee 
Harvey Phillip Pratt Cheyenne 
Dan Shaule Ojibwe 
Chad Smith Cherokee 
Paul Chaat Smith Comanche 
Wes Studi Cherokee 
Tom Thunderhorse Apache/Cherokee 
John Trudell Santee Sioux 
James R. Weddell Dakota Sioux 
Whispering Eagle Lummi 
Kim White Feather Mi'kmaq 
David Michael Wolfe Cherokee 

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Carlos Montezuma and the Changing World of American Indians,
by Peter Iverson
Univ. of New Mexico Pr.

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