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Listen to an interview with Louise Erdrich, with Michael Krasny of Forum

American Indians for Obama


Teachers: Please read the reviews of My Heart Is On the Ground: The Diary of Nannie Little Rose, A Sioux Girl, and The Girl Who Chased Away Sorrow: The Diary of Sarah Nita, a Navajo Girl. New Mexico, 1864, from the Dear America series, Scholastic Books.

Authenticity & Sensitivity: Goals for writing and reviewing books with Native American themes
      by Debbie Reese

Native American Authors

American Indians in Children's Literature 
Bibliography of Native American Playwrights 
Native American Women Playwrights Archive 
Native North American Authors  from the Internet Public Library
Storytellers: Native American Authors Online 
Sherman Alexie 
Sherman on George W. Bush as a Christian
Gerald Taiaiake Alfred  [Can't connect 10/10/10]
Paula Gunn Allen 
Annette Arkeketa 
Jeannette Armstrong  (Unofficial)
Mike Austin 
Jimmy Santiago Baca 
Shonto Begay 
J. L. Benét 
Gloria Bird 
Kimberly Blaeser 
Linda Boyden , children's books
Beth Brant 
Ignatia Broker 
Shirley Cheechoo 
Marie Clements 
Robert Conley 
Elizabeth Cook-Lynn 
kateri akiwenzie-damm 
Ella Cara Deloria 
Qwo -Li Driskill 
Anita Endrezze 
Louise Erdrich 
Louise Erdrich, Anishinaabe (Unofficial) from Voices in the Gaps.
Sister Godzilla, from the The Atlantic Monthly
Satan: Hijacker of a Planet, from the The Atlantic Monthly
Matchimanito, from the The Atlantic Monthly
Destiny, from the The Atlantic Monthly
Saint Marie, from the The Atlantic Monthly
Interview with Louise Erdrich from The Atlantic Unbound
Annotations on Love Medicine and Tracks from the Hippocrates Project at the New York University School of Medicine
Heid Erdrich 
Lee Francis 
Eric Gansworth 
Diane Glancy 
Native American Women Playwrights entry
Owl Goingback 
Janice Gould 
Rayna Green 
Staff page on the Smithsonian site
Janet Campbell Hale 
Joy Harjo 
Joy's site for her music
Allison Hedge Coke 
Lance Henson 
Tomson Highway 
Linda Hogan 
LeAnne Howe 
From Voices in the Gaps
Beverly Hungry Wolf 
Emiily Pauline Johnson 
Stephen Graham Jones 
Daniel Heath Justice 
Geri Keams 
Maude Kegg 
Maurice Kenny 
Winona LaDuke 
Adrian C. Louis 
Lee Maracle 
Joseph M. Marshall III 
Janet McAdams 
Shaunna Oteka McCovey 
Ed McGaa 
Sheri McGregor 
Tiffany Midge 
Devon A. Mihesuah 
Deborah Miranda 
Marijo Moore 
Daniel David Moses 
Mourning Dove 
Nora Naranjo-Morse 
Duane Niatum 
Jim Northrup 
Louis Owens 
Elise Paschen 
William S. Penn 
Susan Power 
Delphine Redshirt 
Marcie Rendon 
Carter Revard 
Wendy Rose 
Carol Lee Sanchez 
Cheryl Savageau 
Edgar Gabriel Silex 
Leslie Marmon Silko 
Leslie Marmon Silko's Ceremony and the Effects of White Contact on Pueblo Myth and Ritual by Suzanne M. Austgen
Dean Howard Smith 
Paul Chaat Smith 
Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve 
James Thomas Stevens 
Denise Sweet 
Margo Tamez 
Luci Tapahonso 
Drew Hayden Taylor 
Tim Tingle 
Laura Tohe 
David Treuer 
Mark Turcotte 
Richard Van Camp 
Gerald Vizenor 
Velma Wallis 
Anna Lee Walters 
Ron Welburn 
Neal White 
Sarah Winnemucca 
Karenne Wood 
Elizabeth Woody 
Ray A. Young Bear 
Ofelia Zepeda 
Voices of Diversity - Sherman Alexie
Voices of Diversity - Sherman Alexie
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Our Book Recommendation
We recommend: book cover
The Round House,
by Louise Erdrich

       Visit our expanded and redesigned archive of book recommendations.

Books Available Online

A Yaqui Easter by Muriel Thayer Painter
By the Prophet of the Earth  Ethnobotany of the Pima By L.S.M. Curtin
Desert Farmers at the River's Edge: The Hohokam and Pueblo Grande , by John P. Andrews and Todd W. Bostwick
Ethnocriticism: Ethnography, History, Literature, Arnold Krupat, Univ. Calif. Press. 
Faith, Flowers, and Fiestas , The Yaqui Indian Year by Muriel Thayer Painter
Forgotten Founders  by Bruce E. Johansen
Hohokam Indians of the Tucson Basin , by Linda M. Gregonis & Bernard L. Fontana
Mission San Xavier del Bac :
A photographic essay on the Desert People and their church by Helga Teiwes & Karl J. Reinhard
Observations in Lower California , Johann Jakob, S.J. Baegert, Univ. Calif. Press.
Pottery by American Indian Women : The Legacy of Generations by Susan Peterson
Social Science and Social Ethics for the 21th Century 
Here Instructed by Native American Social Wisdom by Theodore Walker, Jr.
The Seri Indians of Sonora Mexico by Bernice Johnston
Hopi Nation: Essays on Indigenous Art, Culture, History, and Law  
The Marana Community in the Hohokam World , Suzanne K. Fish, Paul R. Fish, and John H. Madsen, Editors 
Turtle Goes to War: Of Military Commissions, the Constitution and American Indian Memory , by Jace Weaver


Association for the Study of American Indian Literatures 
MELUS  The Society for the Study of the Multi-Ethnic Literature of the United States
Wordcraft Circle  of Native Writers and Storytellers

Native American Comic Books

Peace Party 
Super Indian Comics 


American Indian Culture and Research Journal 
American Indian Quarterly 
American Indian Report and other publications  from the Falmouth Institute
Canadian Journal of Native Studies 
Candian Journal of Native Studies 
International Journal of Cultural Property 
Journal of American Indian Education 
Journal of World Anthropology 
Native Studies Review 
News from Native California 
Red Ink Online  from the American Indian Studies Program at the University of Arizona
STANDARDS  An International Journal of Multicultural Studies
Studies in American Indian Literature 
Tribal College Journal 
wicazo sa review 

Online Journals

Gohweli: A Journal of American Indian Literatures 
Seventh Native American Generation (SNAG) magazine 
Studies in American Indian Literature 
Turning Point , an Indigenous literatures forum

Book Lists with Native American Content

Americas Award for Children's and Young Adult Literature 
from The Consortium of Latin American Studies Programs (CLASP)
Books recommended by the Cherokee Observer 
Fiction and Poetry by Native Americans:  A Selected List
Month-by-month lists of new books on Native Peoples 
received by the University of Pittsburgh's Hillman Library.
Native books section  from Paula Giese's Web site.
Recommended Reading Lists About Native Americans , from the National Museum of the American Indian


American Indian Library Association 
Clarke Historical Library , Central Michigan University
Funding Sources for Tribal Libraries 
Indigenous Knowledge Guide, Australia 
Internet Resources for Grants and foundations 
Labriola National American Indian Data Center  at Arizona State University Libraries
Library of Congress 
Maori Unit 
Marquette University Archives  on Christianity Among the Indians of the Americas
Minnesota Indian Women's Resource Center 
National Indian Law Library 
Newberry Library 
Pathways to Excellence: A Report on Improving Library and Information Services for Native American Peoples 
Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection 
Saskatchewan Indian Library  has a searchable index of First Nations Periodicals


American Indian Studies Center Publications 
Association of Manitoba Book Publishers  has available First Nations books from Pemmican Publications and the University of Manitoba Press.
Bearpaw Publications 
Book Publishing Company 
Books available from SAIIC 
CIAC Press 
Clear Light Books 
Core learning Resources 
Core Learning Resources 
Coyote Press  Specializing in Archaeology, Prehistory, Ethnography,
Linguistics, and Native American Studies of California and the Western United States
Curbstone Press 
Dog Soldier Press 
Ethnic Newswatch  from Norman Ross Publishing
Hilton Publishing Company 
Kegedonce Press 
Kiva Publishing 
Medicine Wheel Press 
Michigan Indian Press  
Michigan State University Press , Native American Series
Old Buck Press 
Pemblewick Press 
Purich Publishing, Ltd. 
Red Crane Books 
Salina Bookshelf 
Shki-maajtaawin E-nmok 
Spirit Talk Press 
Theytus Books Ltd. 
University of Arizona Press 
especially their Sun Tracks series.
University of California Press 
University of Chicago Press  Native American Studies books
University of Minnesota Press 
University of Nebraska Press 
University of New Mexico Press 
University of Oklahoma Press 
University of Washington Press 
Various Indian Peoples Publishing, Inc. 
Written Heritage 

Book Reviews and Excerpts

Comanche Political History: .An Ethnohistorical Perspective 1706-1875 , by Thomas W. Kavanagh
Flags of the Native Peoples of the United States  by Don Healy
Powwow . . . Images Along the Red Road 
The Allure of the Foreign: Imported Goods in Post-Colonial Latin America  Benjamin Orlove, Editor
The Fine Art of Navajo Weaving  by Steve Getzwiller
American Character: The Curious Life of Charles Fletcher Lummis and the Rediscovery of the Southwest 
American Indians: Stereotypes & Realities  by Devon A. Mihesuah
Andean Lives  by Gregorio Condori Mamani and Asunta Quispe Huaman
Discovering Native American Art  by Abby Remer
Excerpt from On the Rez, by Ian Frazier , from The Atlantic Monthly
From The Wilderness  by Walt Larson, Tlingit.
Independent American Indian Review 
Jake George 
Mirror in blue plastic 
Mysteries of the Hopewell: Astronomers, Geometers, and Magicians of the Eastern Woodlands 
Native American Books , with some reviews by Paula Giese, from:
Native American Indian - Culture, Education, Art, Science, History: Native Sources
NMCultureNet Poetry Book: Shine On You Crazy Diamond 
North American Indian Thought and Culture 
Plains Indian Ledger Art CD ROM Publishing Project 
Potawatomi Tracks  by Larry Mitchell
Reviews of Like A Hurricane , by Robert Warrior and Paul Chat Smith
Social Ethical Analysis of Black Elk Speaks , by Theodore Walker, Jr.
The Peru Reader  including The Pongo's Dream by José Maria Arguedas and Chayraq!
The Trickster Shift: Humor and Irony in Contemporary Native Art , by Allan J. Ryan
The Wampum Keeper 
Totem Poles 
Two-Spirit People: Native American Gender Identity, Sexuality, and Spirituality 
Edited by Sue-Ellen Jacobs, Wesley Thomas, and Sabine Lang
We Were Not the Savages  by Daniel N. Paul
Who Owns Native Cultures , Michael F. Brown, Harvard University Press

Book Stores Online Specializing in Native American Material

Birchbark Books 
Brace Books & More 
Dumbarton Oaks Publications 
Guidon Books 
Jordan Dill's First Nations/First Peoples Bookstore 
LoreHold eBooks 
MacRae's Indian Books 
Native Book Centre 
Native Book Source 
Paula Giese's On-line Bookstore 
Peabody Museum Press 
Pocano Indian Museum Bookshop 
Potawatomi Fables Bookstore 
Shaman's Drum Bookshop 
Tribal Art Books.com 
Western National Parks Association online bookstore 

General Book Stores Having a Large Stock of Related Material

Amazon.com Books
Barnes & Noble
Powell's Books, Portland, OR
Tattered Cover Book Store, Denver, CO
Kepler's Books, Menlo Park, CA


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Frequently Asked Questions for this site
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