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Maria Tallchief, Osage, America's prima ballerina
Maria Tallchief
Maria Tallchief
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Maria Tallchief Paschen Northwood University's Distinguished Woman's Awards
Maria Tallchief (b. 1925)  from Andros on Ballet
Maria Tallchief  from the Ballerina Gallery
Kennedy Center Honors  1966
Maria Tallchief 
National Medal of Honor, 2000 
Native America Calling Interview with Maria Tallchief , Feb. 22, 2002
Maria Tallchief: America's Prima Ballerina  Chapter 1
Maria Tallchief Day in Chicago, IL , Feb. 27,1998
Maria Tallchief  from the National Woman's Hall of Fame
Firebird from Oklahoma  from Cultural Crossroads
Purchase books & videos by and about Maria Tallchief 
Algonkuin Small Theatre Network 
American Indian Dance Theatre 
Centre for Indigenous Theatre 
De-ba-jeh-mu-jig Theatre Group 
In Tlanextli Tlacopa , Traditional Aztec Fire Dancers
Native Art Network , National Service Organization for Native American Arts
Native Earth Performing Arts 
Native Nations Dance Theater 
Perseverance Theater 
Red Eagle Soaring Native American Theatre Group 
Red Sky Performance 
Spiderwoman Theater 
Te Ata World Preniere 
Thunderbird Theater , Haskell Indian Nations University
Tloke Nahuake , a traditional family of Aztec dancers
Turtle Gals 
urban ink production society 
Yellow Bird Productions 

Exhibits Available for Travel

Faces from the Land: A Photographic Journey through Native America , photographs by Ben Marra

Online Exhibits

Aboriginal Arts 
Across Borders: Beadwork in Iroquois Life 
American Indian Computer Art Project 
Ancient Mexican Art 
Art & Technique Gallery , Matoska Trading Company
Art of Being Kuna: Layers of Meaning Among the Kuna of Panama 
Artists Profiles at SWAIA 
Booming Out: Mohawk Ironworkers Build New York 
Camping with the Sioux , Fieldwork Diary of Alice Cunningham Fletcher
Canela body adornment  
Cape Dorset Inuit Art and Inuit Cultural Perspectives 
Carving at Skidegate , carving a totem pole
Contemporary Hopi Arts and Crafts , from the Hopi Cultural Preservation Office (PDF)
Continuum: 12 Artists 
Creation’s Journey and All Roads Are Good 
Distant Relations  Chicano, Irish & Mexican Art. Critical Writing.
Drawing the Western Frontier 
Eskimo I& nuit Art Information Resource Articles 
First American Art: The Charles and Valerie Diker Collection 
freeapache: First International Indigenous Biennial 
Gifts Given by the Creator: Contemporary American Indian Art  [Missing 3/2014]
Glimpses into Upper St’át’imc History through Photographs 
Great Masters of Mexican Folk Art 
Indian Blankets and their Makers , video clips
Indian Humor , from the National Museum of the American Indian
Instrument of Change: Jim Schoppert 
Inuit & Native Art Bulletin 
Inuit Art Foundation 
Kiowa Drawings 
Lakota Winter Counts  {Flash or HTML}
Legacy of Generations: Pottery by American Indian Women 
Legends of Our Times: Native Ranching and Rodeo Life on the Plains and Plateau 
Legends of our Times: Native Ranching and Rodeo Life on the Plains and Plateau 
Manidoominens: Beads and Beadwork 
Memory and Imagination: The Legacy of Maidu Indian Artist Frank Day 
Menominee Clans Story 
Mi'kmaq & Maliseet Cultural Objects 
Nampeyo Showcase 
Native Alaskan Graphic Arts: Founding Artists 
Native American Art Studies Association 
Native American Cultural Center (NACC) 
Native American Fine Art Movement Resource Guide  (PDF file)
Native Basketry: Survival, Beauty 
Natl. Museum of the American Indian Student and Educators Portal 
Nunavut Arts and Crafts Association 
Orozco Frescoes at Dartmouth College 
About Orozco
The Coming of Quetzlcoatl
The Return of Quetzlcoatl
Plains Indian Ledger Art 
Pride and Dignity: Aboriginal Portraits 
Pueblo Indian Watercolors: Learning by Looking 
Pueblo Pottery  fromt the Internet Public Library
Reservation X 
Splendid Heritage 
Squint Eyes, Artist & Indian Scout 
The Edge of Enchantment: Sovereignty & Ceremony in Hualtulco, México 
The language of Native American Baskets: From the Weaver's View 
The Respect to Bill Reid Pole 
Tichkematse: A  Cheyenne at the Smithsonian 
Weavers at Musqueam 
Who Stole the Teepee? 
William White: My Ancestors are still Dancing 
Wingspread Collector's Guide Online Articles 
Art at the Crossroads
700 AD-1989, Chronology of Textiles and Fiber Art in New Mexico
Allan Houser
Antique Indian Silver Jewelry, A brief history of Indian Silver work in the Southwest
Poetry of the Pueblo Dances
Women's Work: Creating Beauty
Where the God's Come and Go: Navajo Sandpaintings
Collecting Contemporary Navajo Weavings
Collecting and Change in Native American Basketry
Collecting Indian Pottery
New Perspectives on Collecting Indian Artifacts
Contemporary Expression of Traditional Native American Art
Contemporary Navajo Folk Art
The First Storyteller
Glossary of Pueblo Pottery Terms
Helen Hardin 1943 - 1984
How Pueblo Pottery is Made
Indian Fetishes
Indian Trade Blankets
Indigenous Perspectives on Indian Art
IPOLA: Language is the Soul of a Nation
Ledger Drawings -- Then and Now
The Shadow Catcher: Edward Sheriff Curtis
What Does This Indian Symbol Mean?
What is Heishi?
With a View to the Southwest: Dorothy Dunn
A Phoenix rising from the Trail of Tears
The History of an Ancient Human Symbol
How Bronze Sculpture is Made
Women Artists of the American West , An Internet Course and Resource from Purdue University
Native American Women Photographers As Storytellers by Joan M. Jensen
Pottery by American Indian Women, by Susan Peterson
Lesbian Photography on the U.S. West Coast: 1972-1997, by Tee A. Corinne
Shaping A New Way: White Women and the Movement to Promote Pueblo Indian Arts and Crafts, 1900-1935, by Margaret D. Jacobs
Woven by the Grandmothers 

Other Native American Art Related Sites

A Time of Visions : Interviews with Native American Artists
Alliance for California Traditional Arts 
Antique Tribal Art Dealers Association 
Arctic Circle related Art, Photography and Anthropology exhibits 
California Indian Basketweavers Association 
Crow's Shadow Institute 
First Americans in the Arts 
Indian Arts and Crafts Association 
Maryann's Native American Art Appraisals 
Mimbres Pottery Replicas 
Native Appraisals 
Native Women in the Arts 
Navajo Rug Repair  at Oriental Rug Repair Co.
Navajo Rug Repair 
Oneida Nation Arts 
School of American Research 
Support Native American Art 
Western States Art Federation (WESTAF) 

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