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American Indians for Obama


General Resources

Amnesty International 
Indigenous Democratic Network (INDN's LIST) 
Protest Net 
Survival for Tribal Peoples 


Aboriginal Rights Coalition - British Columbia 
Georges Erasmus: Native Rights Crusader 
from the CBC Archive of TV and radio
Six Nations Solidarity 

Latin America

Peace Brigades International 

United States

AIM Grand Governing Councilus  
American Indian Movement  
American Indian Sports Team Mascots  
Americans for the Repatriation of Geronimo  
Anna Mae Aquash Archive Site  
Big Mountain Issues - History and Overview   
Bureau of Indian Affairs Issues  
First Peoples E-mail Campaigns  
Friends of Wissatinnewag Haydenville, MA 
Grassroots Oyate Pine Ridge, SD , Pine Ridge
Hopi Project  
Immediate Threats to the Ocmulgee Old Fields from Freeway Construction  
Indigenous Women for Justice  
Leonard Peltier Defense Committee, Inc. Lawrence, KS 
Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee  
Leonard Peltier Suffering, Faces Medical Crisis   from The Albion Monitor
Midwest Treaty Network Madison, WI 
National Coalition on Racism in Sports and Media  
Native American Spiritual Freedom in Prison  
One Nation OK Lies Ardmore, OK 
Our Red Earth  
Racism, Stereotyping, Discrimination, Offensive Behavior  
Red Stick Confederacy  Franklin, TN 
Retire the Chief Champaign, IL 
Rum River Name Change Organization Wahkon, MN 
Save Bear Butte Petition  
Saving the Last American Buffalo  
Solidify Our Sovereignty  , Walk for Sovereignty and Unification for California Indians
The Albion Monitor reports on the Lincoln Peters trial  
Transform Columbus Day Alliance Denver, CO 
Wounded Knee Home Page  

Our Book Recommendation
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Genocide of the Mind: New Native American Writing,
by Marijo Moore (Editor)
Nation Books

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Frequently Asked Questions for this site
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